bones & brick

with a body, sing a body

to a body, of a body, bodies sing


Of wrists and ankles, and things to clasp

small, wring round, something to grasp

--on all fours, an animal

(delicate, on wrists & ankles)

--on all fours, an animal

blown up from bottom air, back stretched,

back the skin of a balloon, paper

thin and billowing

a cat yawn[s]


springs, erect, at attention

--no, no

whittle away, the bone

sharp, plume, whittle into your sneakers


tissue, soft, pink, a puddle


you are standing in a puddle

conversely, you are a puddle


--with a body, sing a body

plastic, taffy

two bodies, sing

feel the strings of fibers, entwine

give substance to

this muscle, a rope thick

--snap, off, the harp strings




interrupts my skin


--of things that glow, that grow

eternal and whispering


your eyes, spellbound

your eyes

of a body, sing the body


--a song, arched, slung, a bubble

from the teeth of a child

blown, hung, wrung—


--a sound slips into the ocean

like ash thin

a wisp, a sheet, darted (in)




    interrupts the skin)


--of wrists and ankles


the fingers, cast

gems on some shore


twinkling, fast

    --quick beneath the sand, slither

a cockroach black


say my skin is perfect

I haven’t a single crack


from the inside it begins

this infernal stretch

ten thousand caves, labyrinth

melt, crash—

(& all your diamond crucifixes,

cross, criss cross, crosshatch)

the rubies, one hard and perfect

fits in my mouth

--try to pry it from my teeth

I’ll murder you

I won’t bat an eye


slipped the pearl from under my nail

they fell spilling, milk

shattered, lost glass marbles

--a girl smokes in the corner

twirls her cigarette like a baton


--swallow back the bird,

struggling in my mouth

dove tails down my throat,

a wet chute down

(no poison, not now)


take my body malleable

it’s an offering

I swear, the elements

I’ve never loved more

than when they tear

say in pieces, I am full

say in pieces, I am made

say I am a body

I am a slave